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There’s one thing about pet food that every independent pet retailer knows. There’s a lot of
great pet food on the market, and there’s a lot of affordable pet food on the market, but there’s
not a lot of great, affordable food.

Around 20 years ago, it struck me that this was a problem. I love my customers, and I want them
to be happy. It turns out that while they’re really into feeding their dogs’ nutritious food, they also
like to be able to feed their children occasionally – and even themselves once in a while!

That’s why I made the decision to start a private label pet food for my customers. The goal was
simple: a really great food – nutritious and delicious! – at a reasonable price. Now, I’m a sales guy,
not a scientist. So I brought in some help. A world famous nutritionist created my first formula
and was even kind enough to hook me up with a great manufacturer.

Fingers crossed, breath held, I wrote one of the biggest checks I ever wrote and Dave’s Pet Food
was born. My customers loved the food! As the years went on, and I knew the market would
support them, I added more formulas. Six years ago, we added canned food – talk about a
home run! Things got really exciting when we added a grain-free cat food line. Sales just took off!

Why? I think it’s pretty simple. Dave’s is a top quality, healthy food at a very reasonable price.  
Just about every person who comes into my store wants to stick to a budget- and this is probably
true for you, too! Understanding this helped me find the under-served portion of the quality pet
food market, and now that we’ve found it, we’re doing the best we can to make everyone happy.

A frequent question is “How can your brand be as good as the other high quality foods when
your prices are so much less?”  Good question…here is the honest answer.  I don’t have sales
folks on the road, I don’t do lots of promotions, and I run a very low overhead operation. 
It’s just me...I am the sales guy, the marketing guy, the customer service guy…talk about a one
man show! But that’s how I keep the retail prices so reasonable

It’s working out pretty well. As of today, Dave’s Pet Food is sold in more than 2,000 independent
pet stores all across the USA, as well as many online sites.  We’ve even been on the
Home Shopping Network!!  How cool is that???

Honestly, I have the best job in the world.  People who have never met me, who have absolutely
no idea who I am trust me with the health and well-being of the creature they love more than
anything in the world.  Doesn’t get too much better than that!!!


Dave and Trudie

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Telephone: 1-888-763-2738